Ace Star Idol Selection (エーススターアイド選択 Ēsu Sutā Aidoru Sentaku) is a selection that allows fans to vote for their favorite third year high schooler of the eligible students to have an extended contract and work with the Ace Star Office. The 15 idols with the most votes are signed to Ace Star Office, along with the office's major unit Shooting Star Aces and the top idol being crowned the year's Ace Star. The Ace Star Idol Selection is held during the Japanese graduation season and the 40th Annual Ace Star Idol Selection takes place in the last episode of Aikatsu! Passion Stars.


To be eligible to enter, the idol must be a third year high school student and attend Shooting Star Academy by the day the nomination process starts. The idol also must register for the selection; if not, they will not be eligible.


39th Annual Ace Star Idol Selection

Ace Star: Yuna Yoshida

40th Annual Ace Star Idol Selection

Ace Star: Gekijou Nakamura


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