Adore Rose Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 5
Adore Rose Coord (アドールローズコーデ) is a sexy type rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Adore Rose Dress

A short red dress. The skirt is in three layers, with the top two lined by black tulle with tiny white polka-dot print on it. Around the waist is a fuchsia rose. Below the rose is a gold ornament with a purple gem, along with a bigger purple gem hanging from it, and a gold chain.

Adore Rose Pumps

Dark purple pumps with black heel and bottom There is a single ruby rectangle-shaped gem at the center of the foot insertion, which connects to the ankle with a chain made of black pearls.

Rose Perfume Accessory

A hot pink heart lined in gold, shaped like a perfume bottle with a large amethyst gem on top held with a black silk ribbon. In the center is a large purple rose. Included are gold dangle earrings with tinier charms shaped like the hair accessory, but instead of a rose they have small amethyst gems, while the top is a large purple sphere.