An autograph (サイン Sain) is an idols unique signature of their name. Often times, it tells you about their personality, and the way an autograph is written can tell you a lot about that certain idol's personality as well.

List of Autographs

Idols Autograph Summary
Tsukiko Kanzaki

Tsukiko Autograph

Romanji of her initials "TK". The top line of the K is a heart.
Kokoro Mitsugi

Kokoro Autograph

A hiragana こころ, with "ここ" written as a face and"ろ" drawn as a large heart on the side.
Ume Hanamura Ume Autograph A kanji "梅花村" with a flower at the end.
Nori Chiura [[File:]]
Amaya Ōtsuka [[File:]]
Shinju Mizushima [[File:]]

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