List of Idol Auras

Starlight School Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Tsukiko Kanzaki

Originally composed of red roses with white pearls.In episode 20, when she's debuting the Victorian Rose coord some of the pearls in her aura turned golden, but this was only a temporary change. In episode 50, during the final round of the Starlight Queen Cup, her aura temporarily changes into stardust. During her encore performance in the same episode, the roses don't return, instead replaced by cyan moons and white stars.  

Kokoro Mitsugi

Originally composed of pink hearts that were outlined in red. During the unveiling performance of Spicy Sweetie's Olympian System Premium Rare, the Aphrodite Flame Coord, some of the hearts are decorated with devil wings and horns on the sides, and they others were decorated with angel wings and halos. 

Ume Hanamura

Originally composed of orange blossoms with pink centers. In episode 9, her aura includes wreaths, made of green leaves and blue, pink and white flowers.

Nori Chiura

Originally composed of lavander and light green stars, made of pixels, then came to include small blue diamonds in episode

Amaya Otsuka Originally composed of orange and purple eighth and half notes.
Kaede Ichinose

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