Autographs are idols' unique signatures. An idol's personality can be determined by their autograph.

List of Autographs


  • The autographs of the four main characters appear in Episode 5 of Aikatsu! Passion Stars.
Idols Autograph Summary
Gekijou Nakamura Gekijou's Autograph Cursive romanji of Gekijou. The dot on the lowercase I is a winking smiley face with a tongue sticking out and the dot on the lowercase J is a smiley face with a tongue sticking out.
Naomi Inoue Naomi's Autograph Kanji of Inoue and hiragana of Naomi.
Miryoku Fujihana Miryoku's Autograph Cursive romanji of Miryoku. The dot on the lowercase I is a flower and a flower stem.
Manami Hanae

Manami's Autograph

Cursive romanji of Manami. The uppercase M has two ^^ faces on it. The lowercase I has a smiley face on it and there is a heart at the end of it.

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