Season 1

Episode # Title Insert Song(s) Coord(s) Main Events Aikatsu Aphorism
01 中央の子の名声を上昇 Chūō no ko no meisei o jōshō The Middle Child's Rise to Fame Blooming♡Blooming stranger alien The Unstoppable Fire Be Honest Brandless Cards: Candy Print Raglan T-shirt, Sunflower Skirt, Sunflower Sandals, Tattasoul Check Bustier, Tattasoul Check Skirt, and Three-Tone Booties Sugar Gumdrop Parade Coord Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord Gekijou Nakamura and Naomi Inoue debut あたしを過小評価しないでよ! Atashi o kashō hyōka shinaide yo! Don't underestimate me!

Gekijou Nakamura is considered to be the "middle child" of her family. Her parents and siblings are famous, except for her. Wanting to be noticed by the world and to prove her family wrong, she decided to enroll in an idol school called Shooting Star Academy in order to become a famous idol and win the Star Queen Cup. She is determined to pass the transfer audition, but another girl named Naomi Inoue wants to become an idol as well in order to save her family's restaurant. Will they both pass?

02 ふたりの友達になれるでしょうか? Futari no tomodachi ni nareru deshou ka? Can the Two of Us Be Friends? Rockin' and Poppin' Time Sugar Gumdrop Parade Coord Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord Energetic Pop Coord Stylish Glam Coord Gekijou and Naomi become friends and form a duo unit called Glam Pop ヅオユニット形成はOK! Duo yunitto keisei wa OK! Forming a duo unit is OK!

Gekijou wants to be friendly rivals with Naomi, but Naomi simply wants to be friends with Gekijou. Both sign up for the Teamwork Audition which is a duo audition only for first-year idols that judges the harmony and compatibility between two idols. The winners will become a duo unit and have unit coords just for them. But will they pass and become friends?

03 秘密達と謎達の魅力的で美しい花 Himitsu-tachi to nazo-tachi no miryoku-teki de utsukushī hana Episode 3: The Secrets and Mysteries of the Charming, Beautiful Flower CHARM (Charming, isn't it?) All Aboard on the Idol Express! Sugar Gumdrop Parade Coord Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord Colorful Feather Parade Coord Miryoku Fujihana makes her first official appearance スマイルズフォーエブリワン!Sumairuzu fō eburiwan! Smiles for everyone!

Gekijou and Naomi meet the famous model named Miryoku Fujihana. They try to befriend and get to know her, but she remains aloof and mysterious towards them. Will Miryoku open up to Gekijou and Naomi?

04 トルーリーキュートモデルがじゅうに歳ですか?!Torūrī Kyūto moderu ga jūni sai desu ka?! Episode 4: The Truly Cute Model is 12 Years Old?! Happy Cheerful Days All Aboard on the Idol Express! Sugar Gumdrop Parade Coord Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord Colorful Feather Parade Coord Lolly Lollipop Parade Coord Manami Hanae makes her first official appearance アイドルの才能が若い年齢であっても花が咲きます Aidoru no sainō ga wakai nenrei de attemo hana ga sakimasu An idol's talent can bloom even at a young age.

Miryoku introduces Gekijou and Naomi to the only twelve year old at Shooting Star Academy named Manami Hanae who is the magazine model of Truly Cute and has a large fanbase. Gekijou and Naomi quickly befriend her, but they also want to learn more about her. Is this twelve year old really as talented as claimed by everyone at the school or is she just a cute face who just happened to be special?

05 サインカツましょう! Sainkatsu mashou! Let's Autograph-katsu! Be Honest Gum Pop Coord Neon Style Coord Sparkly Gumdrop Coord Future Rock Coord The four main characters' autographs are shown for the first time サイン会で迷子になりませんでした!Sain kaide maigo ni narimasen deshita! Don't get lost in an autograph!

Kanseimiya-sensei wants her students to do autographs for Shooting Star Academy's annual Autograph Session Day. The students have until the beginning of Autograph Session Day to finish their autograph. Since Gekijou and Naomi are new students, they will get new coords from their favorite brands if they pass a small autograph test with Kanseimiya-sensei. Will Gekijou and her friends get their autographs done in time and will Gekijou and Naomi pass the small test to get their new coords?

06 Popular Sensation The Unstoppable Fire Future Rock Coord Sparkly Gumdrop Coord Rainbow-Colored Unique Coord Gekijou wins the Popular Sensation Audition and goes to California 友達のライバルとライバルの友達になることができます Tomodachi no raibaru to raibaru no tomodachi ni naru koto ga dekimasu Friends can be rivals and rivals can be friends.

Today is the Popular Sensation Audition which determines who is the most popular 1st year middle school idol. The winner will go to California to do a magazine shoot, a photo shoot, and an interview. A girl in her 1st year of middle school taking the idol and producer courses named Aimi Yamashita is Gekijou's rival. The two have competed head to head in competitions and auditions. Who will win the Popular Sensation Audition and the trip to California?

07 アイドル☆ワーカー Aidoru☆Wākā Idol☆Worker None Brandless Cards: Fruits Parker, Colorful Ribbon Skirt, Lunlun Ribbon Boots, and Pinkish Dot Ribbon White Cyber Coord Esprit Scent Coord Paper Crane Style Colorful Coord Gekijou becomes a TV and radio show hostess, Naomi becomes a panel show commère, Miryoku becomes the image girl for a perfume brand called Esprit, and Manami does a commercial for a fruit juice called Fruity Citrus Juice 私達の視野を広げていきましょう!Watashi-tachi no shiya o hirogete iki mashou! Let's expand our horizons!

Gekijou, Naomi, Miryoku, and Manami are called into Headmistress Mishou's office. She wants the four to expand their horizons by doing more than just singing and dancing. She suggests that Gekijou becomes a TV and talk show hostess, Naomi becomes a panel show commère, Miryoku becomes the image girl of Esprit, and Manami does a commercial for Fruity Citrus Juice. Will they be successful?

08 Go For Passion! Idol Activity!, Go For Passion! Sugar Lollipop Coord Gum Pop Coord Premium Rare cards Gekijou, Naomi, Miryoku, and Manami get their premium rare coords and win the Premium Rare Special Audition レッツゴーフォーパッション!Rettsu gō fō passhon! Let's go for passion!

Today is the day of the Premium Rare Special Audition, an audition that only allows the use of premium rare coords. After Manami wins the Truly Cute Freshly Picked Audition that she competed in with Gekijou, they, Naomi, and Miryoku decide to set up meetings to get their premium rare coords from the designers of their favorite brands. Will they get their premium rare coords in time for the audition and pass it?

09 Glammin' and Poppin' Rockin' and Poppin' Time Energetic Pop Coord Stylish Glam Coord Glam Pop performs in the Bubblegum Glitter Pop Rock Fest The Power of Two!

Sweet-chan and Ken Aoikawa decide to host a collaboration rock fest called the "Bubblegum Glitter Pop Rock Fest". Gekijou and Naomi decide to join the audition together. Will the Bubblegum Glitter Pop Rock Fest be a success?

10 ダブルカムバック作っていっしょにましょう!Daburu Kamubakku tsukutte issho ni mashou! Let's Make a Double Comeback Together! Sweet and Savory Delight Sugary Lollipop Coord Charming Beauty Coord Umami Charm Coord Sweet Charm Coord Miryoku and Manami form a duo unit called Cutely Charming and receive their duo unit coords パートナーはあなたの側面によって常にである!Pātonā wa anata no sokumen niyotte tsuneni de aru! Partners will always be by your side!

Today is the day of the Double Comeback Audition which is for idols who either did not participate in the Teamwork Audition or failed it if they did participate. Miryoku decides to take the audition with Manami in order to redeem herself after failing the Teamwork Audition with Ayana Watanabe. Will Cutely Charming succeed and make a Double Comeback?

11 私達の先輩達に会おう! Watashi-tachi no senpai-tachi ni aou! Let's Meet Our Upperclassmen! ??? ??? Yuna Yoshida, Akako Kojima, Koharu Hayashiki, and Misaki Ikeda make their first official appearances 先輩を探し Senpai-tachi o sagashi Look up to your upperclassmen


12 ライジングスターガール☆ Raijingu Sutā Gāru☆ Rising Star Girl☆ ??? ??? Gekijou, Naomi, Miryoku, and Manami compete in the Rising Star Cup ???

Today is the annual Rising Star Cup, a competition for first year middle school students. The winner will get to spend the day with a top idol and/or top idol group of their choice and be the manager for that one day. Who will win the Rising Star Cup?

13 その日のマネージャ Sono hi no manēja Manager for a Day ??? ??? ??? ???


14 ウィキッドフェアリーの攻撃 Wikiddo Fearī no Kōgeki Attack of the Wicked Fairy ??? Sweet Fairy Coord, Wicked Fairy Coord, Lucky Clover Coord, Cold Iron Horseshoe Coord, Herb Charm Coord, Justice Bell Coord The students of Shooting Star Academy participate in the drama called Attack of the Wicked Fairy ???

There are auditions being held for the drama "Attack of the Wicked Fairy". The roles are: the Wicked Fairy, the Wicked Fairy's mind-controlled servants, the ones who want the academy to return to normal, and the Idol Heroines who save the academy. How will the drama turn out?

15 Passion Stars Formation! Go For Passion! Ultimate Passion 100% Orange Passion Coord, Blue Passion Coord, Purple Passion Coord, Pink Passion Coord Gekijou, Naomi, Miryoku, and Manami form the unit Passion Stars ???


16 Shooting Stars Traveling Tour ??? ??? ??? ???

Yuna, Akako, Koharu, and Misaki decide to go on traveling tour using the Shooting Star Academy's unused van. The reason for the tour is because they want to challenge themselves and to spread "Idol Passion" throughout Japan. However, the tour will require lots of planning. Will they be able to get their tour on the road?

17 アイドルプリンセスマデリンシカモーがやってきた! Aidoru Purinsesu Maderin Shikamō ga yattekita! Episode 17: The Idol Princess Madeline Sycamore has Arrived! Idol Activity! The Unstoppable Fire Moonlight Etude Polaris Queen Parade Coord Sugar Gumdrop Parade Coord Rainbow Paradise Coord Madeline Sycamore transfers to Shooting Star Academy 教えることお互いに学びましょう!Oshieru koto otagai ni manabi mashou! Let's teach and learn from each other!

The well-renowned Madeline Sycamore has transferred to Shooting Star Academy as a part of a temporary transfer program. She makes a huge impression on the Shooting Star Academy students. What can she teach and learn from Shooting Star Academy?

18 イノセントリーキュート Inosentorī Kyūto Episode 18: Innocently Cute Original Star☆彡, Lucky train!, Idol Activity! Glammin' Pop Coord, Sweet Fairy Coord, Rocking Pop Rocks Coord, Hyper Lollipop Coord, Cute Floral Coord, Angelic Lolly Coord Madeline and Manami participate in the Innocently Cute Idol Festival and win 可愛さがチャームポイント!Kawaisa ga chāmu pointo! Cuteness is a charm point!

Today is the day of the Innocently Cute Idol Festival. Participants have to be in pairs in order to participate. The winners have an article about them in Truly Cute's next issue; they will also be on the front and back of the magazine. Madeline and Manami decide to pair up for the festival. Manami is sure that they will win, but Madeline is unsure if they would win or not.

19 Trap of Love ランウェイ!Trap of Love Ranwei! Episode 19: Trap of Love Runway! CHARM (Charming, isn't it?) (instrumental), Trap of Love Charming Beauty Coord, Ageha Perfume Coord, Moon Jewelry Coord ??? ???
20 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
21 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
22 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
23 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
24 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
25 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
26 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
27 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
28 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
29 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
30 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
31 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
32 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
33 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
34 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
35 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
36 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
37 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
38 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
39 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
40 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
41 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
42 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
43 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
44 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
45 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
46 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
47 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
48 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
49 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
49 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
50 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Season 2

Episode # Title Insert Song(s) Coord(s) Main Events Aikatsu Aphorism
01 The Shining Beauty of Nebula Academy Appears! STAR DIAMOND Purple Jewelry Coord Model Rich Coord Shining Jewel Coord Beauty Nebula Coord Nebula Academy is introduced; Azami Nakamura and Erika Hanano debut ???
02 The Cute Idol Soldier is also a Producer?! Trap of Love Cute little fighter Beauty Nebula Coord Cadet Nebula Coord Adorable Schoolgirl Coord ??? ???
03 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
04 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
05 自称プリンセス VS 真プリンセス Jishō Purinsesu VS Shin Purinsesu The Self-Proclaimed Princess VS The Real Princess The Unstoppable Fire STAR DIAMOND Energy Jelly Candy Coord Shooting Star Coord Sparkling Star Coord Brilliant Queen Coord Madeline wins the Brilliant Queen Duel Fashion Show and gets the Brilliant Queen Coord from Azami and Erika Hope for victory!

Azami finds about the brand Crystal Queen through an accidental recommendation. She tried to get some cards from the brand over her Aikatsu Smart Phone, but was unable to due to Crystal Queen being a private brand. Because of her arrogance, determination to get the brand no matter what, and her producer Erika encouraging her, she has an idea: she would set up a duel fashion show between herself and Madeline Sycamore who is the user of the brand. If Azami were to win, Madeline would have to give Azami Crystal Queen cards. But if Madeline were to win, Azami would have to give Madeline Beautiful Shine cards. Who will win the duel fashion show?

06 Back in Action! STAR DIAMOND ??? ??? Let's get back in action!


07 Cinderella: I Can Become An Idol! ??? ??? Shooting Star Academy and Nebula Academy do a film audition for the Cinderella movie ???


08 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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