Going off on my dream! is the first Episode of Aikatsu! Wings of Radience. The insert song of the episode is Good morning my dream.

Going off on my dream!
Episode 1
Episode Information
Kanji 私の夢にオフに行きます!
Romaji Gōingu Ofu on my Dorimu!
Air date August 23, 2015
Opening Empress Glow
Ending Wings of the heart
Episode Guide
Legendary Heartbeat Masquerade


Madeline doesn't thank that she's done anything great enough to deserve being the top idol. She's just stayed with in her boundaries, but now she feels like doing something more amazing than she or any idol has ever done before. Each night, recurring voices ask her about what it is that she's done to become the top idol. One morning, she suddenly has a plan. To make every brand radiate the most by offering to wear the dresses the designer has put their heart and soul into: Premium rares. She dosen't just want to do this for herself however. She wants to do this in order to give every brand and every top designer a chance to really see their dresses on stage.

Episode Summary

Aikatsu! Wings of Radience Episode 1 transcript

Major Events

  • Madeline decides to also attend Dream Academy, while her Stardom Academy studies will be put on hiatus.


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