Season 1

Episode # Title Insert Song(s) Coord(s) Main Events Aikatsu Aphorism
01 The Rose's Dream Idol Activity! Red Galaxy Coord Shizuka Rikimaru debuts My excitingly passionate Aikatsu!

The hot and kind-hearted girl, Shizuka Rikimaru, aims to become an idol. When she hears that the world-renowned Polaris Academy will soon be holding transfer auditions, she chose to focus all her strength on passing that audition. But is she really is made to become an idol?

02 The Return of the Moonlight World of Dreams Rainbow Paradise Coord Madeline Sycamore debuts A challenge is good for anyone

Shizuka has only been a student of Polaris Academy for a few days now, and is already loving it. She is sure she'll soon be able to climb to the top of the Aikatsu world, as it seems that there is only clear skies ahead. However, a long awaited prodigy finally makes her return to the Aikatsu world on that fateful day. 

03 The Ocean-Scented Girl Idol Activity!

Red Galaxy Coord

Blue Galaxy Coord

Eri Ogawa debuts The ocean is fun
Shizuka finally gets to know her roommate, Eri Ogawa. Shizuka learns that, in a similar fashion to herself, Eri only became an idol recently. The headmaster of the academy had chosen them to participate at a live audition for new and upcoming idols, the New Idol Super Live.
04 A Spicy Heart's Design Kira•pata•shining Amore Venus Coord Shizuka debuts her first premium rare Spicy•Hot•Idols!
The event to unveil the new brands coming from the newest students of Polaris Academy's designer course is rapidly approching, but Shizuka is still out of ideas! She tries to search everywhere she can for any signs of inspiration, but can she find any in time for her brand's big debut? If so, where?
05 Ocean-scented Perfume Cosmic♥Love Neo Seigfreid Coord Eri receives the Cyber Uranus Coord Take in the scent of the water
After she succsesfully performed at the New Idol Super Live, Eri has started to become really popular. So popular in fact, that she has been chosen to be the image girl of a new brand of perfume. Shizuka, along with Eri's best freind Hana, will support her to make sure that she succeds.
06 A Blossoming Idol Blooming♡Blooming Floral Earth Coord Hana Hiragi debuts Let's cheer each other on
Hana Hiragi is an idol who is always full of a childish energy that her fans adore. Surprisingly, She and Eri are best freinds, and have been for a long time. But what happens when their audition dates collide, and they can't be their to cheer one another on?
07 Let's Go! Special Audition Miracle Love

Amore Venus Coord

Cyber Uranus Coord

Floral Earth Coord

Eri performs in the Cyber Uranus Coord for the first time Put your best foot forward always
It's time for the first special audition, and one needs to perform in a trio to pass. As they've chosen to perform to Madeline's song, World of Dreams, can Eri, Hana and Shizuka grow close enough to make it through this live together and pass the special audition? 
08 A Day with Her None None Some secrets are better kept
The day that Shizuka was rewarded for winning the Sensational Student Audition has finally come. Throuout the day, Shizuka learns and experineces things that one would expect to see from a top idol: recording sessions, dance practice, photo shoots. But there is one thing that is off about the Madeline someone would expect. 
09 The Innocent Marrionette Passion flower Ruby Dawn Coord I want to know more about you
After returning from her day with Madeline, Shizuka notices that she had forgotton to return her Aikatsu Phone after Madeline asked her to hold onto it. After returning from her daily Aikatsu, she goes to return the phone, only to find that the headmaster is acting very strange whenever she asks about Madeline. 
10 Turning that Eclair to a mic! Freind

Heart Smile Coord

Soul Smile Coord

There's hidden smiles everywhere
Seeing as how the two have been roommates for a while now but have never really interacted with one another, Shizuka asks Eri how she became an idol. Eri responds by telling her of course, but also hinting at a future plan that she and Hana came up with a long time ago, that the two are now considering putting into action.
11 Light Up the Future with Me Freind

Heart Smile Coord 

Soul Smile Coord

Shizuka is walking back to her dorm after her daily idol activites are finished to find Eri and her freind Hana talking in Hana's dorm room about the "future plans" the two mentioned before. When it turns out the two are forming a unit together, Shizuka will do anything in her power to get involved.
12 Heart-racing Curiosity Midnight Skyhigh None Curiosity is intense
When Shizuka finds out that Madeline has an upcoming live performance that is going to expand the Aikatsu world even farther, she uses the oppertunity to visit her and ask some questions, due to the fact that she's unsure if she'd need to design more dresses. However, things get tricky when the headmaster gets the wrong message!
13 The Moon Milady Moonlight Etude Angel Moon Coord The Cosmos System is  introduced The moon shines brightly
Madeline is finishing off another busy evening when all of a sudden, her father confronts her with an offer she can't refuse: Presenting the Cosmos System to the public, as well as the rest of Polaris Academy's student body at her next concert. That seems like a simple task to her, but will it be the same for her classmates?
14 Red Galaxy Coord
16 It's Magical! The Circus Girl Awakes

Miel Miere

Happy Jupiter Coord Keiko Kaneharu debuts and gets her first premium rare cood, the Happy Jupiter Coord Honey is light♪

Keiko Kaneharu is a popular idol with a wild aura that everyone knows, and she's determined to become a great idol. But when her favorite brand of cosmetics, Neon Kitty, is going to hold their image girl audition soon, she seems to get a little bit anxoius...

17 Fairy Magic! Blooming♥Blooming Floral Earth Coord Hana gets her first premuim rare Today, I will start blooming
Hana really wants to obtain the Cosmos Premium Dress from her favorite brand, Angely Sugar. She manages to score an appoitment with Amahane-san, and in the meantime, she works even harder to shine with her Premium. But her concert is coming soon and nothing from the designer seems to come.
18 Passionate Thank You Show! Lucky train! Amore Venus Coord Thank you, everyone!
  One of Shizuka's lives is quickly coming right around the corner, and she wants to find a way to express her gratitude for all of her fans as a thank you for their support. That's what she wants to do anyway, but how?
19 Energetic Smile! Happy♥Sunny♥Days

Heart Smile Coord

Soul Smile Coord

Energy Smile Coord

Smile★ Debuts Always show your best smile!
It is finally the day that Eri, Hana, and Shizuka's unit, the newly named and formed Smile★ deubt! Shizuka's getting everybody pumped up, while Hana and Eri take the time to reflect on the path they've walked together to get to the point where they are now.
21 Gothic•Sweet Show Tarte•Tatin Good Dreams Coord

Sweet Dreams Coord

Alice Kuroba debuts
Because of their close bond and fashion styles, Madeline and her close friend Alice Kuroba, are asked to participate in the Sweet Mystery Fashion Show, a fashion show that has the purpose of showing off the appeals of both Sweet and Gothic Lolita at the same time.
22 ★Midnight Agent G.
Ever since she came to Polaris Academy, Eri Ogawa has secretly not known what her passion as an idol was. So, when the first drama audition of the year comes up, she grabs at the new chance with no hesitations. But how does she know whether or not acting is her spark.
25 The New Cherry Blossom Light Pink Day Tripper Legend Mars Coord Ruri Chiba debuts
It's the season of spring, and, like any other school, that means both old and new faces alike are going through brand new experiences. One of the spring's new students is Ruri Chiba, a transfer student from Kyoto's Himezakura Academy. How will she push everyone toward an even more passionate Aikatsu!
26 It's Showtime! Blossom Cup Shining Sky on the G string Blue Galaxy Coord

Green Galaxy Coord

The Blossom Cup begins
The annual first-year tradition, the Blossom Cup, begins today. As this is considered the cup that made Madeline Sycamore a household name all around Hokkaido, it's going to be a close race for anyone who plans to come out on top!
47 Legend Idols♦ Move on now! Moon Jewelry Coord

Sun Goddess Coord

The opening acts for this year's Polaris Champion Cup have been announced, and Madeline's upperclassmen, Elle, is set to perform! However, when Elle announces she would like to do a duo show with Madeline to open the cup instead, what will Madeline do to keep her place as top idol?
49 A Friendship's Promise Moonlight Etude Shizuka is chosen to move on to the finals of the Polaris Champion Cup
It's time for the semi-finals of this year's Polaris Champion Cup, and of course, everyone is filled with both excitement and anticipation, especially Shizuka, who's worried that all of her friends will leave her if she makes it through.
50 Legendary Diamonds Move on now! Diamond Neptune Coord Madeline receives the Diamond Neptune Coord, but decides to not use it during the cup.
Right before her final live before the Polaris Champion Cup's finale, a famous visitor realizes Madeline's talent and potential. This is a legendary honor for any idol, but this is sudden to Madeline, who had different plans for the cup. With this new coord in her hand, can Madeline once again make this a Champion Cup to remember?
51 The Sparkle of an Aurora Part 1 Moonlight Etude Crystal Queen Coord
The Polaris Champion Cup finals have finally arrived! With Shizuka and Madeline set to be  facing off against each other in the final stage, it was sure to be a big event all on its own. However, as Shizuka is training harder than she ever has before in order to win, Madeline seems to already be preparing for her future.
52 The Sparkle of an Aurora

Part 2

Moonlight Etude

Madeline has once again claimed victory in the annual Polaris Champion Cup, and excitement is flowing all around the Aikatsu world. However, she still seems to be looking for something called the "Universe's Shining Feeling."


Episode # Title Insert Song(s) Coord(s) Main Events Aikatsu Aphorism
01 Aikatsu The Movie: Exciting Princess Cup!

The most exciting time of the year for idols and fans alike has finally come: The Princess Cup! Madeline has always gotton close to winning, but Polaris Academy has yet to win the event. As the event hurries closer, can Madeline find the reason why she hasn't won before, so she can finally become the top idol of Japan?

Season 2

Episode # Title Insert Song(s) Coord(s) Main Events Aikatsu Aphorism
53 Look Up To The Skies Moonlight Etude Innocence Pisces Coord The second half of the constellation system is introduced.
Now that all of the top designers and their idols have comfortably settled into the Cosmos System, it's time for someone to shake things up in the Aikatsu world once more, and who better to do that then Madeline? However, will it be possible for even someone like her to reawaken the sleeping Constellation System?
102 Thank you for all the Precious Days Let's inspire!
After a long time of waiting and wondering, Madeline finally knows what the Universe's Shining Feeling is: to inspire more girls all over Japan to become idols! With her dream in her mind and heart, she aims to set out for a brand new chapter in her idol activities!
103 A Cherry-colored Graduation Live!  

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