I woke up for the day and looked at my calendar. I knew today was a special day! It turns out it was Visitor's Day, and the families of all the students here got to visit the campus. I got dressed in my Dream Academy uniform, feeling like this was where i really belonged. I walked out of my "palace" and noticed two familiar faces near the entrance, talking to Prince-san. Did we have any ties that I didn't know about yet? How painfully embarrassing would that turn out to be! A few minutes later, he walked over and started talking to Headmistress Tiara, who in turn started walking over to my castle. I figured it would just be best if I practiced some special appeals. After all, the Blind Princess' coord debut concert was only a couple of days away, and I wanted to be able to fuffil a short term goal: I wanted to perform Shining Mirage. Though Prince-san had only told me about it a few days ago, it sounded like the kind of thing i could do. She said when she performed it at her last concert, the crowd was awestruck. I wanted my crowd to be just as fired up for the dress's return. I ran to my appeal practice room and got on the trampoline. "Ai-katsu! Ok, remember your pose, and don't forget the timing, I also need to go as high as I can! Ai-katsu! Height. Ai-katsu! Timing. Ai-katsu! Pose. Ai-katsu! Now, appeal! Ai-katsu!" Just as I was performing the first part of the appeal, Prince-san walked in on me. "Well, Monsieur , Madame, this is Madeline Sycamore, the idol who I gave the coord to." As I finished up the appeal, they were all in shock. "Madeline, how did you do that?"  I turned my head to see my parents standing with Prince-san. "Eh... you mean you saw that?" "Oui. the whole thing. And it looks just as magnificent as it did the last time I saw it." "Well i was just practicing for the return of Heartbeat Masquerade. "Eh... EHHH!? Firanzia, I thought you were kidding when you said you gave that dress away. Besides, she just came to the academy 2 months ago. "Of course I wasn't. Madeline's the idol that I believe can make my clothes shine and become the perfect idol. Make me proud princess. This, coming up really soon, will be the debut of the rebirth of Heartbeat Masquerade- no. This will stand for your rebirth at Dream Academy." "H-Hai!"

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