Aikatsu: Wings of Radience
General Information
Air dateAugust 23, 2015
Theme Songs
Ending ThemeWings of the Heart
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SuccessorAikatsu: Idol Festival!

"I-I want to make every brand radiate! I want to make sure that every top designer gets to experience the feeling designers have when they see their dresses shine on stage!" Madeline, when she first came up with the idea to temporarily switch schools to Dream Academy.

Aikatsu: Wings of Radience is the 10th series written by SingMeloetta and the 1st series written on the Fandom of Idol Wiki.


Recently, thoughts have been going through Madeline's head. Has she really earned the spot as the top idol? Has she really done anything that inspired and changed the whole idol world, or made them see her as if she was something special? Is there anything else she wants to do? Then one day, she decides to start putting these thoughts to rest, by wearing coords that will make her gain her own wings of radiance. Coords that the top designers put all their heart and soul into. Coords that the designers make shine in their minds and on the cards, and in return, she will make shine on stage. To make this easier for her, She temporarily enrolls in Dream Academy, an academy for young Aikatsu brand designers and idols (which has mostly designers, as there are many more famous idol schools with idol courses) with many famous alumni.

Main Characters

Madeline Sycamore: A popular local idol who temporarily enrolls in Dream Academy on her quest to make every brand shine. Later, she ends up becoming the muse of a designer well known throughout Dream Academy.

Side Characters

Madeline's Family- her mother and father, the two top designers of her favorite brand, Crystal Queen. They send her dresses through fan mail, as the academy she was attending (Stardom Academy) is quite far from Dream Academy.

Firanzia Vice Ronaldi- The top designer of multiple brands, she gave Madeline her first premium rare coord on her journey to make every brand shine, the Blind Princess Coord from Heartbeat Masquerade. Later, she agrees to let Madeline become her muse.