The Aikatsu Phone Star (アイカツ フォン スター) is, as of Aikatsu: Galaxy! is the latest edition of the Aikatsu Phone. Every student of Polaris Academy is given one of these, as well as a set of school dress cards when they first become students.


  • Aikara

Allows the user to rehearse and practice to any music of their choosing, either with or without headphones plugged in.

  • Auditions

Allows the user to search for auditions based on criteria such as their type, ranking, image and favorite brand (if they've chosen one).

  • Coords

Allows the user to do many things relating to Aikatsu! cards, such as create good coords, design coords (if the user is registered for the Designer course) Select coords for upcoming performances and auditions, select their favorite brand if they are a new student, and look for brands and coords to add to their collection.

  • Camera

Allows the user to take pictures. Also allows the user to use it as a video camera to stream live performances over the internet.

  • Kirakiratter

Allows the user to use the Kirakiratter website to talk with fans and fellow idols for whatever the reason may be.

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