Aikatsu Stars! (アイカツスターズ!?) is the new spin-off series of the original Aikatsu series, which started airing in 2012. It will have the same mechanics as the original story, while having all new characters, brands and a whole new school.

Aikatsu Stars! Season One (2016 - 2017)

Aikatsu Stars

The first season will start airing in spring 2016. The season introduces many new characters, including the new main character, Nijino Yume. Yume and her fellow idol friend, Sakuraba Laura attend the idol academy, the Four Star Academy. Also, a new idol unit, S4 is introduced.

The new idols are:

  • Nijino Yume - A cute typed idol, using My Little Heart as main brand.
  • Sakuraba Laura - A cool typed idol, using Spice Chord as main brand.
  • Shiratori Hime - A cute typed idol, using My Little Heart as main brand.
  • Kisaragi Tsubasa - A cool typed idol, using Spice Chord as main brand.
  • Nikaido Yuzu - A pop typed idol, using Shiny Smile as main brand.
  • Kasumi Yozora - A sexy typed idol, using Romance Kiss as main brand.
  • Shirogane Lily- A cool typed idol, who at first used Spice Chord before switching to her self made brand, Gothic Victoria.

Aikatsu Stars! Second Season (2017 - )

The second season of Aikatsu Stars! started airing in April 2017. The season introduces a new idol school, the Venus Ark, whose headmistress is the perfect idol Elza Forte. As well as the new idols and the school, also new brands will make their debut. The new idols are:
  • Elza Forte: The headmistress and owner of Venus Ark. She is a perfect idol, who wants to "plunder" the best idols all over the world. Her primary brand is Perfect Queen.
  • Hanazono Kirara: A new idol from New Zealand. She is a pop-typed idol attending Venus Ark, who is the new muse of the brand Fuwa Fuwa Dream.
  • Kizaki Rei: Elza's secretary, who also attends Venus Ark.

Along with the Venus Ark, a new idol system has reached Japan. With the new system, the wing accessory from the original Aikatsu! returns to the Aikatsu Stars! universe, as well as also having the new theme of planets.

Aikatsu Stars! Brands

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