Aimi Shinzo
Birthday DateSeptember 10
Hair Colorpink, purple, yellow
Eye Colorpurple
Home PlacePrism World
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Wedding Aria
Aimi Shinzo is a mysterious but loving girl from the Prism World, and is considered a very talented Prism Star. She makes her anime appearances in Pretty Rythm: Jewel Glow. She is a star type idol.


Aimi has long magenta hair with yellow and purple streaks. She usually wears pink clothes, with a blue crystal heart somewhere on it, so this has been considered as her emblem by fans.


Aimi is very mysterious, and took on the surname Shinzo so she could compete in tournaments without being seen as odd. She is a very happy person, often smiling, though she doesn't speak often.

Prism Jumps

According to many people, Aimi's best talents are her prism jumps, which usually have something to do with love and/or crystals. Her Prism Live instrument is bells.

  • Crystal Splash
  • Heart Pounding Experience
  • World Love Cupid
  • Aurora Rising