Akibara Umeko
Umeko Akibara
Birthday Date3/20
Home PlaceMelodystar
DebutHKT0048 episode 2
Singing VoiceMiyawaki Sakura
Idol Info
Alter egoMiyawaki Sakura

"I'm a 13 year old girl from Melodystar and part of HKT0048 yurray yay "

Umeko is the 2nd main character and a member of HKT0048 she is part of the first new Generation,Umeko is a huge idol and loved by her fans and she a part actor


Umeko is mostly quiet and Shy like character she will always smile no matter what happens


Umeko was born on a planet called Melodystar (free banned planet ) she had only 5 friends she always loved to sing and dance freely.her mother always singed her a lullaby it was called Haha to Ko-Ranka no Aimo she always singed that song everyday .her Father passed away two years ago a year after she heard that there was an idol group called HKT0048 she saw when the audition would start she kept practicing and practicing soon after a month later she sent an audition video and a month later she saw that she had passed the first round . she has Mother and two older brothers the oldest is 20 the other is 16 she wonders where the second audition will take place


Episode 1 : shadow of smile

Episode 2: A young girls dream

Episode 3 :

Episode 4


Hobby Singing and acting

special skill : Drawing , Cokking and Marshal arts

Favorite food: Vanilla and Pizza

Favorite drink :Green tea and orange juice

school clubs : Drama club

Biggest fears : Spiders and Lizards

she has a weird way of running

she is the 2nd main character