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Akira Nakamura
SeasonAikatsu! Passion Stars
Ageearly 30s
Hair ColorOrchid
Eye ColorDark blue
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
RelativesHaruto Nakamura (husband), Arata Nakamura (son), Azami Nakamura (daughter), Gekijou Nakamura, (daughter), Yuuki Nakamura (son), Hoshiko Nakamura (daughter)
Anime DebutEpisode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
SeiyuuAkemi Kanda
Akira Nakamura (中村アキラ Nakamura Akira) is a former idol nicknamed AkiAki, as well as the top designer of the brand Beautiful Shine.


Before she became a top designer, Akira was a well-known and famous idol. She was nicknamed AkiAki by her fans. As Akira became older, she decided to retire from being an idol because she became more interested in designing and fashion and less interested in being an idol. Akira became a designer and made coords for top idols and prodigy idols. When Azami was born and showed an interest in becoming an idol, Akira made outfits for her daughter when she was a child. After Azami passed the entrance audition to get into Nebula Academy and became the top student, Akira was so proud of her daughter that she decided to create a brand that was made just for Azami; Akira named the brand Beautiful Shine.



Akira has light skin, long orchid hair twisted into an undo or worn straight with a black hairclip, and dark blue eyes. She wears dark purple eyeshadow, red lipstick, and silver stud earrings. She usually wears a lavender dress with fishnet stockings and dark indigo high heels or a pale gray minidress with pale gray and black striped opera gloves and black flats.


Akira has an intimidating air to her and has the same overflowing regal confidence like her oldest daughter. She is strict and a perfectionist when it comes designing and idols. Akira can be condescending and even dismissive to those she deems unworthy, but is warm and welcoming to those she deems worthy. Akira only makes dresses for Azami, her current and former clients by request, and idols she deems worthy. She wants Azami, who is her favorite daughter, to shine and to be a top idol like she was. She is also a huge fan of and constantly brags about her oldest daughter, which she is proud of that fact and does not hide it despite the chagrin of her younger children, especially Gekijou. Akira spoils and coddles Azami, giving her just about anything she wants--such as a pacifier made out of solid gold with silver studs and a rattle made out of platinum when she was a baby or her own brand Beautiful Shine--and constantly gives her praise. The reason why Akira spoils Azami is because her parents spoiled her and her grandparents spoiled them, showing that it is a tradition in her family. However, Akira can come off as harsh to Azami if she does not perform as well as she is expected to.


  • Akira spoils Azami because she wants her (Azami), who is her favorite daughter, to be a top idol and sees the latter as "her shining star".

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