Akira Tachibana
Birthday DateAugust 21
Hair Colorlime green and yellow
Eye Colorred
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
Singing VoiceShiina Natsukawa
Idol Info
Auraoranges, limes, and swirly rainbow candies
BrandHappy Rainbow
SchoolMoonlight Academy
School CoordSweet Tangerine Parade Coord
Akira Tachibana (明 橘  Tachibana Akira) is a main idol in Aikatsu! Greatest Stars. She is a pop type idol who uses the brand Happy Rainbow.


Akira has lime green and lemon yellow hair that she wears in two pigtails, which she keeps braided using salmon pink hair ties. She has bright red eyes. She is usually decepted wearing Moonlight academy's uniform.


On stage, Akira has a bubbly personality, and has a ditsy personality. When she isn't being watched by cameras, she is a very serious producer, and is very passionate about having the idols that she produces rise to the top of the idol world. She is also very cautious when in public, fearful that anyone nearby could watch her accidentally break her image.


Akira grew up in Tokyo with two very caring parents, who both worked as doctors, who had convinced her that helping people was the best way to smile. She remembered this when she auditioned for Moonlight, and also decided to sign up for the producer course as her way of helping others, through making her fellow idols shine.





  • Nickname(s):
  • Theme color: Orange
  • Blood Type: O
  • Sign: Gemini
  • Hobbies: Reaserching idols
  • Special Skills: Dancing
  • Charm point: her smile
  • Favorite food: cherries
  • Least favorite food: lemon
  • Favorite artist/idol: Hinaki Shinjo
  • Future Dream: to be well known for her producing skills
  • Respected people: Her parents