Tamitsu Akiyama
Tamostu Akiyama
Birthday Date9/1
Home PlaceAKibastar
DebutEpisode 5
SeiyuuKatsumi Watanabe
Voice ActorDavid Wald
Idol Info
" Do your best I know you can do it your an Idol "

Tamotsu is a 23 year old Male and a current Co Manger and Co producer of HKT0048 he was a boxer fighter champion and a singer,his Nickname Tamo or Aki .


he acts very serious when there something important and friendly towards others he will protect the Members at any cost


when he was 5 his mother died of an illness when he was in high school he did Marshal Arts to take off the stress that he had he heard AKB0048 every day he always wanted to do something big at the Age of 16 he started to do Boxing years after he became an unbeatable champion and always supported the idols at his day off he would always visit the Hospitals to make Kids and adults happy when they feel down at the age of 22 he heard the AKB0048 was making a new group called HKT0048 he applied to Become a Manger of HKT0048 but a co Manager and Co producer since someone became Manger soon after he met Akiko they became god friends soon after he and Akiko made the announcement of HKT audition


Episode 1 : shadow of smile

Episode 2: A young girls dream

Episode 3 :

Episode 4 :


He was a unbeatable Boxer Champion

he would protect the members at any cost

his a Co manger and Co producer

Favorite Food : Pizza and Sushi

Languages he speaks : all

Favorite drink : Milkshake and Apple juice