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Air date30th of Jan 2016-
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All-Idol-Radio is a fanmade web show made by Eurovisionprecurefan. It's host is Alexis Jougerson, a Swedish-Japanese girl, who wants to host a web show all about the idols in this fandom wiki.


1st Episode:

Airdate: 6th of Feburary 2016

Guests: Global Shinedust (Su-Mi, Cosette), Sexy Chou (Cecilia, Hibiki and Hye Yun), ZMX

2nd Episode:

Airdate: TBA

Guests: Angel StarPrime, TBA


  • This is the first idol web show in this fandom.
  • Euro decided to do a web show because she wants to get to know idols in this fandom within this web show.