Amamiya Mai
Mai Amamiya icon
Amamiya Mai
SeasonAikatsu Crescent!
Birthday Date19th March
Hair ColorPastel Pink
Eye ColorScarlet
RelativesAmamiya Sakura- Mother (Deceased)

Amamiya Hiro- Father

DebutPart 1
Anime DebutPhase 1
SeiyuuMaeshima Ami
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Blossom~LanLan
Glittering Fantasy
AuraPastel pink and purple hearts, white pearls
BrandPastel Macaron
SchoolCelestial Academy
School CoordRose Cosmos Coord

Amamiya Mai (雨宮真愛?) is the main protagonist of Aikatsu Crescent! She's a first year at Celestial Academy, and her theme colours are pink and white.


Mai is a friendly, caring, intelligent and pure girl. However, she's gullible, shy, and often unorganised. She tends to worry about lot, and believes that she's boring, and doesn't have as much impact as her friends.


Mai has pastel pink hair, that reaches to her waist. She usually wears it down and wavy. In her hair, she wears a dark pink ribbon. Her eyes are scarlet, and she's quite short for her age. She tends to wear various shades of pink, and white accents. Her eyebrows are big.


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Shimura Tsubaki (志椿?): Mai is good friends with Tsubaki, and they always encourage each other. Tsubaki was the street performer who inspired Mai to become an idol, and Mai's grateful for this.

Hinode Hinata (日ノ出陽向?): Mai finds Hinata to be extremely interesting to be around. Hinata often gives good advice to Mai, and cheers her up when Mai's upset. Mai wishes to become as talented as Hinata.

Nanami Kotone (七 美 琴 音 ?): Mai enjoys being around Kotone, as she somehow manages to make her feel warm inside, even with just a smile. Mai was the first person to truly believe in Kotone

Aino Rina (愛の莉奈?): Mai aspires to be the Celestial Star one day, like Rina. She looks up to her, and wants to reach her level. As the series progresses, they gain a student-teacher type relationship.

Fuyuki Aya (冬木彩?): Mai is interested in Aya, but finds her to be difficult and complicated. She's even slightly scared of her. Despite this, she finds to be incredibly talented.

Hanabusa Sachiko (花房幸子?): Mai and Sachiko used to be best friends, however, they recently fell out. Despite this, Mai secretly admires Sachiko, and wishes they could make up.


Amamiya (雨宮 ?): Amamiya comes from Ame (?) which means rain, and Miya (?) which means shrine.

Mai (真愛?): Mai comes from Ma (?) which means genuine, and Ai (?) which means love. However, another possible kanji combination of this name is Mai (?), which means dance. This could be a reference to the fact she's an idol.


  • Mai's birthday is 19th March, making her a Pisces.
  • Like all other Aikatsu protagonists, she wears a ribbon in her hair.
  • She's the fourth Aikatsu protagonist to have a sky related word in her surname, after Hoshimiya Ichigo, Oozora Akari, and Nijino Yume.
  • Mai is shown to have an interest in baking sweets