Amaya Otsuka is a first year middle school student attending Starlight Academy. She is a cool type idol who uses SwingRock

Amaya Otsuka
Birthday DateAugust 10
Hair ColorOrange and purple
Eye ColorRed
Idol Info
Aurapurple and orange music notes
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordOrange Parade Coord


Amaya is usually seen in Starlight's uniform. If she's not, she's usually wearing clothes with tears, and they are often black or dark purple.  


She's a rebellious girl with a punk like air about her and she feels that's what makes her special among the idols of Starlight Academy. She doesn't really care what criticism she gets, and only sees it as a way of making her angry, but luckily this is what drives her to make her Aikatsu passionate.


She first wanted to become an idol after seeing Seira Otoshiro and Yuu Hattori on TV. From that point on she's known that she loves Swing Rock, and wanted to wear it whenever she got the chance. She looked it up online, finding out that only idols could wear it. She didn't want to become an idol, as she thought all idols were girly and she'd have a small fanbase because of that but, as a compromise, she did it anyway. To her surprise, she actually has a rather large fanbase (for a first year) currently ranking at 18th on the Aikatsu! Rankings, most of her fans being fans of other cool types as well.  



Most idols are afraid of her, as she can get mean, or dislike her as she's extremely loud, and some idols have sensitive hearing (which is needed to work perfect pitch.)


  • Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: A
  • Favorite food: Anything Spicy
  • Her aura is composed of purple and orange half and eighth notes.
  • Her student number is 3685.