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Amethyst Magic is a cool-type brand in Idol Storm. The current muse is Sakura Chinen.


A cool-type brand in all shades of purple, Amethyst Magic creates shiny outfits with sparkles and cute designs in every shade of purple. With purple patterns, sequins, glittering sparkles and sweet accessories, If your favorite color is purple, then all of the purple dresses will make your dream come true! Wearing them feels like you're in a fantasy world~!


  • Cutie Violet Dress
  • Magic Purple Dress
  • Shiny Amethyst Dress
  • Juicy Grape Dress
  • Pretty Orchid Dress
  • Sugarplum Dress

Known Users


Amethyst Magic was announced on August 16th, 2017, as Sakura Chinen's brand. The concept was released on the same day.


  • The dresses are all in different shades of purple.
  • This is a cool-type brand