Amore Venus Coord
アモーレ ビーナス コーデ
BrandSunset Blossom
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 15
Amore Venus Coord (アモーレ ビーナス コーデ Amōre Bīnasu Kōde) is Shizuka Rikimaru's Planetary premium rare coord and her first premium rare over all.


Amore Venus Top

A bright yellow to gold gradient tank top with a multicolored material at the hem of the shirt, with the multicolored material only covering the midriff. Before the hem, the gold part of the gradient gets small white sparkles added to it. Gold designs are also embroided on the sleeves. Comes with a necklace with golden butterfly charms on it.

Amore Venus Skirt

A bright yellow/gold gradient bubble skirt with faint white butterfly prints it, all of them going in a curved trail, wrapping around the skirt, with some on the back changing to match the multi-colored fabric on the top. The skirt's band is mostly decorated with diamond-cut rubies, but on the right side there is a golden chain with a golden butterfly on it. The ruby in the middle of the band is also cut out like a heart instead.

Amore Venus Sandals

Golden sandals with white metal butterflies at each of the toes, and diamond-shaped rubies going up the sides of both sandals. The user gains a tattoo-like decoration on their ankles of golden butterflies when wearing these sandals.

Amore Venus Crown

A red crown striped with gold and jewels. At the rim of the crown is white fur with black spots. Comes with bright rose earrings with a golden scorpion tail attached to the rose. This premium rare coords wings are butterfly-based with golden outlines that are filled in with a ruby center.