Angel StarPrime
Angel StarPrime
SeriesGlobal Stars
StatusActive from November 17th 2015 / December 21 2014
LeaderAreum Yi
Idol RankingSuper Star

" We are the Angels that will light up the Stage "

There part on an Anime series called Global Stars and it's member are all from World Arts Academy Tokyo.

Unit information


Areum Yi ( Leader ): South Korea,Image Color:Ruby

Aoi Hamasaki ( Member ): Japan ,Image Color Yellow with orange

Rodrigo Jurina ( Member) Japan Image Color :Sapphire

Ayumu Yukimura ( Member ): (born America ) Japan Image Color :Silver

(New characters in season 2 )

Songs & Outfit

Please noted that all songs are not mine there are use for the Series and not meant to use it as stealing or using it for Propaganda

  • Crush ( 2NE1 )
  • I Love You ( 2NE1 )
  • I am the best ( 2NE! )
  • G.U.Y ( lady gaga ) (Areum center )
  • Judas ( lady gaga ) ( Aoi center )

Season 2 songs

  • Toy (FMV) New member girl( season 2 return song )
  • Marbel( UNiTE ) Ayumu solo song




  • they sound like Angels combined with a Voice of a Siren when they sing
  • there are 2 girls and 2 boys
  • one from South Korea
  • Yi is a Rival of Hye
  • They have alter egos there names are from Siren combined with Angel names
  • Areum Yi - Tritela Yi

Rodrigo Jurina - Tertis Jurina

Aoi Hamasaki - Jabel Hamasaki

Ayumu Yukimura- Poseidon Yukimura

  • There Dance Trainer used to be a Drag Queen and was the best Queen where he preformed his there good friend and he still sometimes preform there if they needed him
  • When going Traveling in Airport/Airplanes they only put a little makeup and casual cloths who know to feel comfy and clean
  • Rodrigo is a Vlogger/Youtuber
  • Travels around the world to preform
  • They have there own Reality TV show
  • There Dance moves are fierce ,Sexy ,Pop,Cool
  • People( mostly haters ) have rumored and spread that this group does an initiation/ritual(cult ) for the people who want to join, but the group responded that they would never do that they are Angels you can even see on Rodrigo videos that they never do that