Angelic Imp-chan the Prankster (アンジェリックインプちゃんの悪戯者賛 Anjerikku Impu-chan no Itazurashasan) is a well-known live-action tween sitcom appearing in Global Stars. The show is about a girl who likes to pull practical jokes and pranks on other people.

Appearing Characters

  • Tenshizora Yanchame (天使空やんちゃめ Tenshizora Yanchame) AKA Angelic Imp-chan (アンジェリックインプちゃん Anjerikku Impu-chan) - Yanchame, or Angelic Imp-chan as she is most commonly called, is a mischievous, prank-loving girl who makes the people she likes smile and "terrorize" the people she dislikes. Despite appearing to be sweet, compliant, and a total angel to her parents and other people she likes, she is troublesome, rebellious, and a total imp to her older brother Makoto and other people she dislikes; this is why she is nicknamed Angelic Imp-chan and she refers to herself as such. Yanchame gives off the image of a good girl, but never really acts like it most of the time due to being a trickster. She switches between the two personalities so often that it is hard to tell which of the two personalities are real; she herself stated that the two personalities are a part of her, meaning that both sides of her are real and just switches them at will or when the situation calls for it. Played by Cecilia Arena.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tenshizora - Mr. and Mrs. Tenshizora are Yanchame's parents. They are loving and doting towards their daughter, and believe that she is an absolute angel; they also refer to her as "Yanchame-chan". They will do anything for Yanchame and believe anything that she says. It is unclear if whether they are aware of Yanchame's mischievous side or not, but it is implied that they do know and just simply ignore it.
  • Tenshizora Makoto (天使空真 Tenshizora Makoto) - Makoto is Yanchame's older brother. While he loves and cares for Yanchame, he does not like how she pranks him almost constantly and how the majority of the town sees her as a cute, innocent, little angel.

Appearances in Global Stars



  • Yanchame AKA Angelic Imp-chan shows similarities to Cecilia Arena.

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