Angelic Lolly Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Manami Hanae
Angelic Lolly Coord (アンジェリックロリーコーデ Anjerikku Rorī Kōde) is a normal coord by the cute brand Sweet Lollipop.


Angelic Lolly Top

A pink ruffled top with a print of white and yellow flowers, along with pale pink hearts. Lining the sleeves and bottom is a single layer of white ruffled material, along with a matching collar lined with white ruffles. At the center of the chest is white coloring with a strip of yellow down the center with tiny lollipops. Beneath this are two light pink, heart-shaped lollipops. At the center of the collar is a white frilly bow with a white fluffy ball attached to each tail. Comes with a pink cuff for each wrist with white ruffled lining. There are small angel wings on the back of the top.

Angelic Lolly Skirt

A pink skirt with a white ruffled petticoat and three layers of white ruffles. Its pattern matches the top and has a strip of pale pink down the center with three peach heart-shaped lollipops sewn to it. Each corner on the front of the skirt has a pale yellow bow with a white fluffy ball on each tail.

Angelic Lolly Pumps

Pink pumps with a print to match the skirt and top. On each toe is the same bow also from the skirt and top. Comes with short white socks and a white pleat cuff held by a strip of pale pink ribbon.

Angelic Lolly Ribbon

A pink hair ribbon with a big white daisy in the center that is attached on two small angelic wings. The earrings are yellow flowers with tiny wings attached to them, along with a small chain holding a fluffy white ball.