The Angelic White Parade Coord (アンジェリックホワイトパレードコーデ?) is the school dress used by Tsukikawa Izumi in Aikatsu! B&W.



Angelic White Parade Top

The top of the coord is a white tank top lined with light blue ruffles. In the center of the chest is a dark blue V-shape with blue coloring and dark blue string inside of it. Around her neck, she wears a white fabric that ends at the left side of her chin and ties into a light blue bow with a golden star on it. The end of the top shows the same ruffles as the beginning. Around her upper arms, she wears white cloths with dark blue rims and light blue ruffles that are tied around her arms.

Angelic White Parade Skirt

The skirt is composed of light blue, blue, and white lines all over it. In the bottom right corner are pleats of dark blue, while on the top are pleats of white with a single gold line. Under the skirt are white ruffles, while the band is dark blue with gold lining. Attached to the side of the band is a gold button with a big star and fringe hanging from it.[1]

Angelic White Parade Boots

The boots are mostly white and almost completely covered by white leg warmers. The leg warmers have a blue rim that has many light and dark blue lines on it and white ruffles. The boots usually reach to the knees.