Arc-en-ceil Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Arc-en-ceil Coord (アルカンシエルコーデ) is a rare cute type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Arc-en-ceil Top

A sparkly neon blue tube top with ruffled white material lining both ends, which are red, yellow, and blue striped. Comes with white gloves that are lined with yellow, blue and red fabric, and are decorated with one powder blue cloud each.

Arc-en-ceil Skirt

A sparkly neon blue-green skirt that is decorated on the hem with puffy white material, which has pink, yellow and blue stars stitched to it. Rainbows of red, yellow and blue are drawn on the main part of the skirt. Blue, green, yellow, and red arches are coming down from the band of the skirt.

Arc-en-ceil Boots

Blue-green rain boots with hot pink lining and bottom. Worn with white knee socks that have a hot pink ribbon wrapping around them, and the boots themselves have a green, yellow white, and red striped ribbon wrapping around the leg.

Arc-en-ceil Ribbons

Two small white puffy hair ribbons that have a rainbow five point star in the middle of both of the ribbons.


  • Arc-en-ceil translates into "rainbow" in French.