Areum Yi
Japan : イーアルウーン

Korea :이 아름
Japan: Ri Areum Korea : Yi Aleum

Birthday DateMarch 25th
Hair Colorbrown blone
Eye ColorDark brown
Home Placefrom :Korea

Now : Japan

RelativesMother ,Brother , Sister
SeiyuuCL from 2NE1

Areum Yi is the leader of Angel StarPrime and is a character in Global Stars .Her Image color is Ruby

she is the best friend and Rival of Hye Yun


jaw-dropping. She is pretty and feminine (is this rare? yes) when she needs to be, and bad girl the rest of the time. Her aura makes you want to respect and admire her. Her stage presence and charisma are amazing. You know when Aruem on stage. You can feel the fierceness with one glance. She’s just someone you don’t want to mess with

She is a tough girl and never let anyone except her team get in the way and a fantastic personality. She is a professional, and extremely mature as great leader. she is Kind and very optimistic to the world she is little intimidating at times she has a cool and sexy aura as her does her idol job she is a very mature girl but when you make her mad she loses it ( * cough Hibiki Cough * ) once you get to know her she shows out her nice self to you


Aruem had a rough childhood ,her family was poor so her mother have took take 2 jobs and her brother also took 2 jobs (TBA)


  • before she became an idol she was bully
  • Before she became an idol her family was struggling in life now they have alot of money
  • She has Snapchat,Tumblr ,Twitter ,VIne ,Intagram ,Angel Starprime page
  • Her voice actor is Cl and they have they have the same personality
  • Is a Member and leader of Angel Starprime
  • does alot of different hairstyles that are idol punk like and cool like hair stlye

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