Kaori Asahi
朝日 香り
Asahi Kaori
Birthday Date11/12
Hair Colorbrown
Eye Colorblue
Home PlaceHakatastar
DebutHKT0048 Episode 01
SeiyuuMiyuki Sawashiro
Singing VoiceRino Sashihara
Idol Info
Alter egoSashihara Rino
Theme Song(s)Egao no Kage
Kaori Asahi is a main character and member of HKT0048. She is part of the first new generation. Kaori is a huge Idol Fan and loves variety. She is known as Rino Sashihara the 2nd.

Personality & Appearance

Sasshi has brown, long hair and blue eyes. Like all 0048 members, she has heart-shaped sparkles in her eye and in her hair.

Sasshi herself isn't pretty confident about her skills but still not shy. She usually is seen with a smile and does everything for others to feel confortable. She has a big varity talent and is herself an Idol WOTA.


Official Synopsis

Kaori always wanted to be an idol. She grew on Akibastar up and became a member of AKB0048 with 12 and succeded soon. She was one of the most popular membrs but when she just was 14, some fans discoverd that she had a boy friend (yet, no one really called it as it as she was 12). Still, instand of getting fired from the group, she was transferd to the new HKT0048 as their first fixed member.

Episode 01: Shadow of a Smile

Episode 02: (Titel Unknown)

Episode 03: (Titel Unknown)

Episode 04: (Titel Unknown)


  • First Character which was created of the series.