Jump to Tomorrow!
Ashita e Jump!
General Information
WriterCure Wonder
ComposerCure Wonder
ArrangerCure Wonder
Singer(s)Ruka, Fūri, Remi (STAR☆ANIS) and Kana (AIKATSU☆STARS!)
Album AppearanceTV Anime "Aikatsu! Passion Stars" OP/ED Themes - Soreyuke, Idols!/Ashita e Jump!
Album Release???

Ashita e Jump!--translates to Jump to Tomorrow!--is the second ending for the Aikatsu! Passion Stars anime series. The song is sung by Ruka, Fūri, and Remi from STAR☆ANIS and Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS!, and is featured in the second half of season one.

Color Key: Gekijou Nakamura, Naomi Inoue, Miryoku Fujihana, and Manami Hanae


TV Size Ver.

Full Ver.

Character Appearances


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