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Augustine Sycamore
Ōgasutin Shikamoa
SeasonAikatsu: Galaxy!
Agearound 30-35 years old
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGray
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
RelativesMadeline Sycamore (daughter)
Anime DebutAikatsu: Wings of Radience
SeiyuuHiroshi Tsuchida

Augustine Sycamore (オーガスティンシカモア Sycamore Augustine) is the headmaster of Polaris Academy, as well as the top designer of the brand Crystal Queen.


Before he became the headmaster of Polaris Academy, Augustine was a biology and geology professor. About three years before he started his job at Polaris, his daughter, Madeline Sycamore, came to live with him from Hokkaido.

From this time on, he, with the help of the academy, trained his daughter in her idol activities, and she quickly became the top idol. When the old headmistress of the school retired, The school's authority heard of his producing talent and quickly gave him the job offer, which he accepted.

Soon after she became the top idol, Augustine admitted to her that he was her father, and that her adoptive mother wasn't her true mother. To her, this was surprising, but bittersweet. Especially from this point on, he began to spoil her, in order to make up for 12 years of not being in her life.



Augustine is an adult man with black, slightly messy hair. He is usually seen wearing a dark blue shirt with three white buttons, black slacks, and brown dress shoes.


Augustine is a kind man who cares for all of his students, and wishes for them to all succeed in their Aikatsu. However, he especially cares for his daughter, and has been shown to put her safety and wishes above his own, to her dismay. He also claims that he would've never gotten to become headmaster of the school if it wasn't for her. The fact that he is quite the fan of his daughter has become a running gag of sorts.


  • He is similar to Aimi Maeda
    • Both are the principals of their respective academies
    • Both are top designers
    • Both have idol daughters, which they took part in producing
    • Both adore their daughters to the point of doting on them