Aurora Sky Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 2
Aurora Sky Coord (オーロラスカイコーデ) is a cute type rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Aurora Sky Blouse

A midnight blue blouse with white and gold sparkles, and white buttons. On the stomach is a white belt, with a small white moon shape on the left side of the belt. The hem of the shirt is gradient pink, soft green, and sky blue.

Aurora Sky Skirt

A sparkly four-layered skirt. The top layer is soft green, the second layer is pink, the third layer is sky blue, and the fourth layer is purple. A lemon yellow star charm is on the left side of the first layer.

Aurora Sky Boots

Midnight blue knee-high boots, with white stars going down the left side of the boots, and yellow stars going down the right. A royal blue ribbon tied into a bow in in the middle of each of the two rows. The toe of each of the boots has pearls in star-shaped clusters decorating them.

Sweet Milky Way Ribbon

A four leaf clover-shaped accessory with two designs; two petals are pale blue a white polka-dot print, while the other two are pale pink with tiny stars and dots of pink and blue on it. At the center is a gold star with two tiny chains hanging below it with a tiny star or bead attached to it, along with five pieces of material that come in green, blue, yellow, violet, and indigo. Each earring is composed of a small gold star-shaped stud and chain, holding a white sphere with a thin, tiny colorful fringe hanging from it, along with two small gold stars.