Autumn Fall Magic Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
Autumn Fall Magic Coord (オータムフォールマジックコーデ Ōtamu Fōru Majikku Kōde) is a premium rare, sexy type coord from Magical Seasons. It is Aki's Four Seasons coord.


Autumn Fall Magic Top

A dark brown tank top with yellow designs and a swirl of pale red on the left side of the chest, where three small leaves of red, yellow, and orange rest. Lining the top of the shirt is piping of yellow, followed by red, where a piece of yellow cloth connects to circled pieces. At the middle of the chest is a dark brown cloth adorned with tiny yellow specks and a yellow medallion center, while pale orange ruffles line the top. The bottom part of the shirt has a light orange gradience applied with dark brown lines all over it. Comes with yellow cloth below each shoulder, and a small simple necklace with three ruby spheres and a few little gold pieces. It also comes along with a gold bracelet with tiny silver pearls lining a big orange gem.

Autumn Fall Magic Skirt

A dark brown skirt with yellow designs all over it. The material at the center is a flap, with a red leaf, gold clouds, pale brown swirls, and tiny yellow leaves all over it. It is shaped to reveal pale yellow material beneath of it with a dark orange ribbon.

Autumn Fall Magic Shoes

Dark brown heels with a fold of dark brown, light brown on the right foot, and light brown and apricot on the left. Each toe is pale yellow in color. On each ankle are two silver pearl chains with an apricot bow attached to it. A yellow medallion rests in the center with three gold chains attached to it. On the left leg are two apricot cuffs and a gold ornament.

Autumn Fall Magic Accessory

A red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves on an apricot bow. There are also two gold drop earrings.