Ayako Yukimura
アヤコ 雪村
Ayako Yukimura
SeasonThe Moon Rises
Hair Colorblack
Eye Colorroyal blue
Home PlaceNoboribetsu, Hokkaido
RelativesMadeline Sycamore (adopted daughter)
SeiyuuMakoto Tsumura
Ayako Yukimura (アヤコ 雪村) is Madeline Sycamore's adoptive mother, and a friend of Augustine Sycamore. She is first seen in The Moon Rises, but is mentioned in several other of SingMeloetta's series as well.


Being a former idol herself, (as well as the stardom business running in both Madeline's adoptive and birth families) Ayako raised Madeline to know how to become the best idol she could be, giving her tips on singing, dancing, appeals, and fashion coordination, as well as teaching her about famous idols. When Madeline finally did take her first audition, even though she didn't pass, Ayako still encouraged Madeline to not give up on her dream of becoming an idol.



Ayako is a woman with short black hair that she wears in a bob cut, which is kept in place with a simple red barrette. She has royal blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a white, long sleeved shirt, a red smock, blue leggings, and red shoes.


Ayako is a woman who is passionate about idols, raising her adopted daughter to become an idol since she was rather young. She is carefree, usually speaking casually.

Idol Story

Ayako had always been interested in becoming an idol, being a fan of Masquerade, but as the nearest idol academy was in Tokyo, she had no choice but to deny that dream. However, she soon got news that a nearby private school was remodeling to become an idol academy. She auditioned for the academy, finally getting to realize her potential, and became one of the first students at Polaris Academy.

Shortly after becoming an idol, she became friends with 3 other idols: Kei Hagiwara, Yuki Kuroba,and Chika Mitsuno. She also befriended Polaris Academy's first top idol, Miyabi Hanazaki.


  • While she was an idol, she was a cute type, her theme color was red, and her favorite brand was Angely Sugar.

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