Ballet Marionette Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 4
Ballet Marionette Coord (バレエマリオネットコーデ) is a rare cute type coord by the brand Crystal Queen.


Ballet Marionette Top

A pale pink camisole lined with lace. Each sleeve is composed of three sections, two of lace and tulle, and a smaller, thin band of ruffled material. On each side of the chest, there is a light pink bow with a white pearl in the center. Comes with a pale pink-white ruffled collar which has a white heart charm on it.

Ballet Marionette Skirt

A skirt made of light pink and pale pink-white lace. The skirt layers alternate between one of light pink pleat, followed by a lace layer. A piece of light pink-white tulle goes all around the center of the skirt.

Ballet Marionette Flats

Pink-white pumps with a white heel to match the pearls crossing the top of the foot section.

Ballet Marionette Tiara

A sugar pink tiara with five large pearls on the lower portion.