Beautiful Bird Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode ???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Miryoku Fujihana
Beautiful Bird Coord (ビューティフルバードコーデ Byūtifuru Bādo Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Peacock's Charm.


Beautiful Bird Two-piece Dress

A short-sleeved dress worn in two pieces and it is connected by a dark red strap. It consists of a black top with a white ruffled piece of material on each side of it, with the center holding a midnight blue band with red roses on it, surrounded by lemon chiffon designs. The chest is covered by dark blue material with a lining of tiny white and royal yellow designs of birds. Each sleeve is white with crimson feather shapes on it, while the cuff is royal blue and dark red with stripes of pale gray, lemon chiffon designs, and royal yellow designs of bird eggs. The collar is dark red with a pale gray dot lining. On each side of the chest is a dark red bird with a black wing that has a single flower on it. Pinned to the right of the chest is a royal yellow bow with a bird design on it. The center is dark blue. The waistband is royal blue and crimson. The skirt is in two layers, with thin ribbon of dark red going down the white ruffled material, holding three bows matching the chest bow. A royal blue material covers the sides of the skirt with a bird egg design matching the top. The second layer is crimson with a floral design in dark red, royal yellow, and lemon chiffon. They are attached to green leaves and vines. On each wrist is a ribbon matching the bows. On the back of the dress, there are small sky blue bird-like wings.

Beautiful Bird Pumps

Black pumps with a royal blue bow on each ankle strap. Comes with dark red socks with a lemon chiffon design below the cuff. The white tube socks have a midnight blue line on each outer side, while the cuff is royal blue with a sky blue band with the same daisies. A sky blue bow is attached to each cuff. On the leg, there is a sky blue garter with lemon chiffon ruffles.

Beautiful Bird Ribbon

A large royal yellow, dark red, sky blue, black, and white ribbon with bird designs in the same colors. The band is midnight blue.