Beautiful Shine (ビューティフルシャイン Byūtifuru Shain) is a private sexy-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is Azami Nakamura's favorite brand. It makes the user feel like a superstar. It is inspired by Mizuki Kanzaki's brands Love Queen and Love Moonrise. Its main user is Azami Nakamura. Its top designer is Akira Nakamura. Its special appeal is Shining Beauty Flash.


Beautiful Shine is a cosmopolitan-based brand that was founded in Ichikawa City, Tokyo. It is designed to make the user look and feel like a superstar.


Akira Nakamura noticed how Azami was doing excellently in Nebula Academy. Therefore, Akira decided to make a special and legendary brand that is only for Azami. She created the brand that she called Beautiful Shine.

Brand Concept

Beautiful Shine is designed only for Nebula Academy's top student Azami Nakamura. Inspired by Mizuki Kanzaki's brands Love Queen and Love Moonrise, it has a cosmopolitan and royal style with silver, gold, platinum, gems, and pearls. With this brand, you can shine like a superstar and feel like a celebrity. Shine beautifully with Beautiful Shine, the brand only for idols who are the best of the best.

Known User

Top Designer

The top designer is Akira Nakamura who is also the mother of the brand's main user Azami Nakamura. Akira used to be a famous top idol nicknamed AkiAki. She wants Azami, who is her favorite daughter, to shine and to be a top idol like she was. She is a huge fan of her oldest daughter. Akira refuses to make dresses for any idol except for Azami unless she thinks they are worthy enough.



Known Coords


  • Beautiful Shine is the first private brand to have one coord used by another idol other than the sole user.
  • The brand shares some similarities with Crystal Queen from Aikatsu: Galaxy! and Aikatsu: Idol Festival!.
    • The brands both produce sexy-type coords (Crystal Queen is a cute/sexy brand while Beautiful Shine is a sexy brand).
    • The brand's top designers are both parents of the sole users (Akira Nakamura and Augustine Sycamore).
    • They are both private brands.
  • Despite the fact that it is a private brand, Azami does allow others to wear her brand.
    • However, they need permission from her and she needs permission from her mother.
  • The brand's mascot is Precious Beauty.

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