Beautifully Shining Aries Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)???
User(s)Azami Nakamura
Beautifully Shining Aries Coord (ビューティフリーシャイニングエアリーズコーデ Byūtifurī Shainingu Earīzu Kōde) is premium rare constellation/celestial coord by the sexy brand Beautiful Shine.


Beautifully Shining Aries Corset

A corset of pale purple on top. Sewn to the top and bottom of the shirt is light blue lace and tulle. The lower part of the torso is lavender with off-white lines and a bright blue Aries constellation design on it. Going down the center is a section of dark purple, held with white string. Sewn to each corner at the top of the chest are three diamonds. Two gold chains hang from each side of the chest, while a light purple ribbon reaches beneath the neck. The top comes with sleeves hanging below each shoulder with the same lace and tulle sewn around the bottom with a wisteria ribbon. It also comes with white evening gloves with fancy purple designs all over it.

Beautifully Shining Aries Skirt

A lavender skirt with the same pattern from the corset, along with Aries written in gold on the side. At each corner of the skirt is sheer white lace held with light purple ribbons and three diamonds. Beneath the top layer of skirt is a piece of white tulle and a pale purple petticoat.

Beautifully Shining Aries Pumps

Lavender pumps with amethysts, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls all over them and wedge heels. Comes with short white socks with white lace beneath the cuff. Sewn to each outer side of the cuff is a ruby.

Beautifully Shining Aries Headband

A dark purple headband with a ruffled white piece of material lined with lavender lace, several tiny pearls, and four amethysts in the middle. Comes with silver dangle earrings with rubies attached. It also comes with dark purple gradient wings.