Beauty Jewel Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode ???
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Azami Nakamura
Beauty Jewel Coord (ビューティージューエルコーデ Byūtī Jūeru Kōde) is a rare, sexy type coord made by the brand Beautiful Shine. It shares its design with the Shining Jewel Coord.


Beauty Jewel Two-piece Dress

A dress worn in two-pieces, with the top connecting to the skirt by a single silver chain. The top resembles a lavender tube-top lined with off-white lace and ruffled material for each sleeve. Silver designs line the top of the chest with tiny jewels sewn to it, along with faded sections of Persian rose and mauve in the material. Attached to the top of the chest are three silver chains connected to a silver choker, with tiny emeralds attached to them. The skirt comes in a gradient of azure, midnight blue, Persian rose, and mauve on top of a off-white lace petticoat. On top of the skirt is a off-white section with amethysts attached to it, along with a silver medallion shaped like a diamond with rubies, sapphires, and rose quartz crystals. A folded, ruffled midnight blue to Tyrian purple gradient piece of material along with a gold chain. Comes with multiple silver bracelets.

Beauty Jewel Mules

Fandango mules with a silver bottom, heel, and lining the foot insert. On each toe is an elaborate silver design with diamonds attached to it. On each ankle are two silver pieces with silver wiring shaped like diamonds with a sapphire in each piece.