Beauty Nebula Coord
RarityCampaign Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 51
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Azami Nakamura
Beauty Nebula Coord (ビューティーネビュラーコーデ Byūtī Nebyurā Kōde) is a campaign rare, sexy type brandless coord. It is Azami Nakamura's school coord.


Beauty Nebula Corset

An orchid blouse with platinum lining and the NA emblem depicted on the left side of the chest. At the collar, there is an Egyptian blue and indigo striped tie, and worn over the torso is a magenta corset-like piece with suspender-style straps on each shoulder and two strips of vermilion lined in platinum with platinum buttons and string. Comes with long white gloves that have vermilion and platinum cuff lined with pale orchid ruffles. A single yellow chiffon bracelet comes with the left glove.

Beauty Nebula Skirt

The skirt matches the top, with ruffles of pale orchid to line the pockets and petticoat. The belt is vermilion and platinum with small platinum studs, and sewn to each pocket is a silver diamond button.

Beauty Nebula Pumps

Magenta pumps with silver sole and lining. On each ankle is a vermilion and platinum strap lined with pale orchid ruffles. Comes with a vermilion and silver leg accessory with Egyptian blue and indigo strings.