Beauty Perfume Coord
ビューティー パフュームコーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 1
Beauty Perfume Coord (ビューティー パフュームコーデ) is a normal, sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Beauty Perfume Top

A violet gradient silk top with the chest cut low to reveal the pale pink tank-top beneath it. The violet part of the top is decorated with several white pearls. The top has layered feathery sleeves, with the top layer being violet, and the bottom layer being brilliant bubblegum pink.

Beauty Perfume Skirt

A two layer bell skirt. The top layer is violet and is cut into several triangle-like sections. It is decorated by many white sparkles. The second layer of the skirt is a brilliant bubblegum pink color, and is where the skirt forms into its bell shape.

Beauty Perfume Heels

Violet high heels decorated with fancy gold designs and a large magenta jewel on top of the design. It comes with lacy black ankle socks.