The Blind Princess Coord (ブラインドプリンセスコーデ?) is a cute-type coord designed by Firanzia Vice Ronaldi. Firanzia was the first to wear it is Aikatsu! Memoir of Idol Days, though it was given to Madeline Sycamore later on in Aikatsu: Wings of Radience. It is part of the Heartbeat Masquerade brand.



This Coord's is currently being redrawn.


The dress for this coord has a sweetheart neckline and halter straps. The skirt is pleated and goes to the mid-thigh with a ruffled petticoat underneath it for volume. The base of the dress is actually quite simple. However, the top has a lace ruffle around the neckline and a series of ruffles draping down the center. Matching the ruffles on the top is a skirt-cape made of the same ruffles. This "cape" is only on the left side of the skirt, and goes just past knee-length. There are a pair of ruffled sleeves as well that start at the elbows.




The accessories for this dress are a garter on the right leg, a ribbon choker with a bow on the right side, a silk blindfold, and an elegant cape with ruffles adorning the bottom of it. The cape connects to the dress at the back of the shoulders as well as draping near the elbows.


  • This is Firanzia's ultimate premium Coord.
  • This Coord is the only outfit in Heartbeat Masquerade to have a skirt.
  • This was the first Coord Firanzia ever designed. It was also the one she wore at her last ever concert.
  • Firanzia gave this Coord to Madeline Sycamore after watching her perform. Firanzia saw great potential in Madeline and gave her this Coord in hopes that she would become the top idol Firanzia wanted to be.


This Coord is only allowed to be used by Miyazaki11 and SingMeloetta

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