Blue Memory Star Coord
First AppearanceStarAnis Shine, Start!
UserAoi Kiriya
Blue Memory Star Coord is Aoi's Star☆Anis Shine! unit coord.


Blue Memory Star Tops 

A black top, decorated with a large, blue, 5 point star in the center, along with two blue six point stars, one on each side.

Star☆Anis Shine! Skirt 

A black skirt decorated with medium sized six point stars; all of which have a rainbow gradient in them. The band on top is made of a rainbow gradient with gold lining and accenting, and each color that is apart of the gradient representing one of the members.

Star☆Anis Shine! Boots 

Black, above the knee boots with a black toe. Printed along the leg portion of boot are many various colored stars. The cuff is black with a gold band at the very top. 

Star☆Anis Shine! Headband 

A thick black headband. Attached to the side is a giant, neon, eight-point star with a white square gem in the center. Each point is an alternate gem color; in order these are pink, blue, purple, yellow, lime green, dark teal, orange, and peach.