Blush Stage Coord
UserMadeline Sycamore
First Appearance (Anime)The Moon Rises
First Appearance (DCD)Part 0
Blush Stage Coord (ブラッシュステージコーデ) is Madeline's first school coord, which is featured in The Moon Rises.


Blush Stage Top

A tank top with many different stripes of different shades of pink going down it in horizontal lines. (sugar pink, cherry blossom pink, deep pink, and plum) The final stripe at the bottom of the shirt, which is plum, ties into a ribbon at the back, with that ribbon being decorated with small jewels in all the colors of the stripes, along with amethysts being included as well.

Blush Stage Skirt

A plaid pleat tutu with plum being the first layer of the plaid, sugar pink as the stripes, on top of a frilly, magenta petticoat.

Blush Stage Shoes

Sugar pink boots with a sugar pink band around the foot insert, which has a gold-encrusted plum heart on the left side of it.