General Information

Bokutachi no Sekai (僕達の世界 Our World) is the first single of  the subunit First Tune and a song in AKB0048 ~ Dream Stage. The A-Side Bokutachi no Sekai was used as the opening of the series and the B-Side Eien no Sakura as ending. The single appears in two diffrent versions.

CD Information

Kibou ni Tsuite (希望について)
Release Date
(Type A (CD+DVD) / ¥1,600
(Type A (CD) / ¥1,000
(Type B (CD+DVD) / ¥1,600
(Type B (CD) / ¥1,000


CD Tracklist

  1. Kibou ni Tsuite (僕達の世界)
  2. Eien no Sakura (永遠の桜)
  3. Yokoso (ようこそ)
  4. Thank You
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Kibou ni Tsuite (僕達の世界) (Instrumental)
  7. Eien no Sakura (永遠の桜) (Instrumental)
  8. Yokoso (ようこそ) (Instrumental)
  9. Thank You (Instrumental)
  10. Tomorrow (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist

  1. (Type A DVD+CD) Bokutachi no Sekai (Music Video Member Version)
   (Type A CD) Members off shot clips
(Type B DVD+CD) Bokutachi no Sekai (Music Video Anime Version)
(Type B CD) Bokutachi no Sekai [Motion Making Video]


Our very own world
Is eternal
With my very own story
From here on out
I will follow
The rainbow road
To the sky

Our very own world
Is eternal
What ever the future contains
You and me, together
We handle it, go!
Our very own world
Is fantasy
Even no one believes
What we want here
Even everyone says
This isn't true
In our very own world
We stay, dreaming of it