Brilliant Queen Coord
BrandBeautiful Shine
UserMadeline Sycamore
Brilliant Queen Coord (ブリリアントクイーンコーデ Buririanto Kuīn Kōde) is a sexy-type rare coord from Beautiful Shine. It is seen in the anime after Madeline wins the duel fashion show in the fifth episode of the second season of Aikatsu: Passion Stars!.


Brilliant Queen Top

A pastel pink silk top with the chest cut low to reveal the light purple lace tank-top beneath it. The material is formed into a ribbon and ties behind the neck. A thick gold ornament is attached to the shirt with a single silver sphere at the center, surrounded by several colorful gems. Comes with a matching necklace with silver ornaments hanging from it. Comes with two silver bracelets.

Brilliant Queen Skirt

A pastel pink pleat silk skirt folded at the corner with pale pink trim and white designs lining it. Several gems are sewn to the skirt. The second, straightened layer is light purple with several silver medallions hanging from the hem.

Brilliant Queen Sandals

Silver sandals with a pale purple wedge heel and black heel covering the back of the foot. Purple, pink, and red gems are attached to the strap on top of the foot. Three thin silver chains hang from the foot strap and connect to matching colored gems circling the ankle. Another piece of silver material is connected to the anklet and connects to the back of the heel. Another gem anklet rests above it.

Brilliant Queen Accessory

Silver diamond-stud earrings shaped in with a circle of gems surrounding a single amethyst droplet gem. Several silver pieces hang from each earring. It also comes with a corset that consists of a large red rose, a medium pink rose, and a small blue rose that also has ruffled, dark purple material in three layers hanging from it.