Bubblegum Pop Rock (バブレガムポップロック Baburegamu Poppu Rokku) (also stylized as "BubbleGum PopRock") is a pop-typed brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is also Gekijou Nakamura's favorite brand. The concept of the brand is inspired by bubblegum pop/bubblegum rock music with motifs of candies such as bubblegum, gumdrops, lollipops, and pop rocks. Its main users are Gekijou Nakamura and Akako Kojima. The designer of the brand is Sweet-chan. The brand's special appeal is called Gum Pop Flash.


Bubblegum Pop Rock is a bubblegum pop/bubblegum rock music-based brand that was founded in Akibahara. It is designed to make the user look and feel bright, cheerful, and energetic with candy motifs.


Bubblegum Pop Rock was made when Miyuki Yorokobito--Sweet-chan's real name--was asked by her mentor Reina Ichikawa to make whatever kind of outfits she wanted for the Sugar Girls 17 members. Miyuki imagined them to be pop idols and thought that they fit the cheerful and energetic image of her brand that she wanted to make, so she created the Bubblegum Pop Rock brand and SG17 performed a song of the same name while wearing it.

Brand Concept

To be cheerful and energetic, you must wear clothes that match! The Bubblegum Pop Rock brand will surely guarantee you a good day! With motifs of sweet candies like gumdrops, lollipops, bubblegum, and pop rocks, it features bright and vivid colors that go well with cheerful and energetic girls. Like candy, Bubblegum Pop Rock will make you feel bouncy, hyper, and smiley! Please enjoy the outfits that will surely spread joy to you and to everyone, too!

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Sweet-chan, but her real name is Miyuki Yorokobito. She was the former disciple of Reina Ichikawa. She tends to speak informally and is shown to be energetic, cheerful, passionate about being a designer, and even a little childlike. She has admiration for idols who are passionate and energetic like Gekijou Nakamura and Akako Kojima.



Known Coords


  • The brand's mascot is Bubblegum-tan.

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