Burnin' Passion Coord
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)???
User(s)Gekijou Nakamura

Burnin' Passion Coord (バーニンパッションコーデ Bānin Passhon Kōde) is a normal, sexy type coord made by the brand Passionate Fire.


Burnin' Passion Tank Top

A black tank top with dark red, dark orange, and dark yellow stripes. It comes with short, black gloves with a fire print.

Burnin' Passion Shorts

Black shorts with a fire print and a red-orange belt that has a yellow belt buckle.

Burnin' Passion Flats

Black flats with a red ribbon on the back of the left one, a yellow ribbon on the right one, and an orange leg accessory on the left leg.

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