Cadet Nebula Coord
RarityCampaign Rare
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 52
First Appearance (DCD)Part 2
User(s)Erika Hanano
Cadet Nebula Coord (カデットネビュラーコーデ Kadetto Nebyurā Kōde) is a campaign rare, cute type brandless coord. It is Erika Hanano's school coord.


Cadet Nebula Blouse

A cameo pink top with the chest and sleeves white in color. The collar and straps on the torso and cuff are light pink with yellow lining, while ruffles of light orange line it. The NA emblem design is on the right side of the chest. On the lower portion of torso are dark orange bows, while tied at the neck is a red cloth. Comes with white and yellow fingerless gloves with a light orange bow at the wrist with dark orange ruffles.

Cadet Nebula Skirt

The skirt matches the top with ruffles of light orange to line the pockets and petticoat. The belt is dark pink and yellow with small dark yellow studs, and sewn to each pocket is a round, yellow button.

Cadet Nebula Boots

Cameo pink boots with dark yellow buttons, lining, and sole. The cuff is striped with a pale orange bow on the side. Comes with white tube socks with dark pink scallop-lining around the top.

Cadet Nebula Mini Cap

A cameo pink miniature cap with a dark pink band around the middle of it.