Celeb Party Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 1
Celeb Party Coord (セレブパーティーコーデ Serebu Pātī Kōde) is a normal sexy-type coord by the brand Crystal Queen.


Celeb Party Top

A sleeveless magenta top covered with white and gold sparkles, with it being split into two sections along the midriff by a thin gold thread. On the bottom section, there are large mint green emeralds and light blue sapphires.

Celeb Party Skirt

A magenta bubble skirt with two dark purple waves coming down at the sides. In between the two waves there are three golden roses. There are two waves that make up the hem, with both of those waves having a thick gold line at the end.

Celeb Party Sandals

Sandals with a golden base and two dark purple waves, similar to the two featured on the skirt. On the left band, there are three light green diamonds, on the right band, there are three light blue diamonds, and a light yellow rose in the middle of each shoe.

Celeb Party Headband

A thick, medium blue headband with an intricate pale yellow design. Comes with pastel blue diamond stud earrings.